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We would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your project plans. Initial discussions will focus on the location and objectives, along with the strategic approach which Deforche Construct would take for your project during the design stage.

Advice & design

Deforche Construct has the experience and innovative know-how to provide professional advice regarding the implementation of your project. Are you planning to construct a garden centre? Deforche Construct has extensive experience in this sector and can also offer support during your journey of discovery to find a suitable location, your market research, determining the garden centre type that fits in with your ambitions and objectives etc.

Production & installation

Our engineering department will do its work based on the approved design. It will ensure that all elements are aligned with each other guaranteeing a fully integrated solution. On completion of the design process, all elements are technically drawn to be produced in our own production unit.


We determine the points that must be finished before the end of the installation during the preliminary acceptance with the client. A specialised team will go to site for a flawless completion of the project.

Leading international player in complex, glas, steel and aluminium

Thermoflor Construct, as part of Deforche Construction Group, is a family-run business that specialises in the construction of glass, steel and aluminium structures for agriculture and horticulture companies, working in many sectors such as garden centres, research facilities and industry in general. Architects and engineering consultants often rely on our know-how for the design, production and construction of challenging, complex architectural structures in glass and steel.


The basis for your success and growth

Nieuwbouw - Thermoflor

nueva construcción

In verreweg de meeste gevallen is bij het starten en succesvol exploiteren van een tuincentrum of plantencentrum nieuwbouw de beste optie.

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Deforche Construct bekijkt de realisatie van uw tuincentrum vanuit een overkoepelend perspectief. We focussen op het geheel van technische, economische en architecturale facetten.

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Deforche Construct heeft een unieke expertise uitgebouwd in het ontwerp, de constructie en de uitrusting van serres/kassen die geconcipieerd worden voor onderzoeksdoeleinden.

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Our absolute strength is our overall approach. We do not just design and construct greenhouse structures. We also guarantee the integral coordination and realisation of the project. Turnkey solutions! Where Deforche Construct is your single point of contact or SPOC.

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