Garden centres

You need architects, engineers and builders who understand 
what it is all about to build a garden centre.

Developing a garden centre is not the same as building an office building or greenhouse. You cannot even compare it to developing a supermarket or shopping centre. If you run a garden centre, you sell a unique combination of products including living plants and animals. Ranging from technically complex solar control systems and ponds with living fish to 24 kg bags of turf. From carnivorous plants that prefer a tropical climate to tulip bulbs that you would prefer to present cold and dry. And then we have not even mentioned veranda garden furniture, garden tiles, the hospitality section or the play area. A modern garden centre also sells an experience: a day out.


Have specialist develop your garden centre

Thermoflor has its own team of specialised architects who are fully aware of all the ins and out of the 'green shop'. They, for example, know what the best routing is to guide customers along the different product groups in the most enjoyable fashion: unheated greenhouse, outside area, heated greenhouse, catering, the tills ... our building experts will ensure the correct layout for the different climate and commercial zones. For an exciting, relaxing and stimulating customer experience, but also for an optimum ecological and economic model. There are but a few architects in the world who have truly mastered this art. Several of these architects are responsible for the development of garden centres in the Netherlands and around the globe at our company.

Building garden centres with steel, aluminium and glass

The next step in developing a garden centre is to calculate the technical structure. The architect works closely together with our own structural engineers and draughtspersons who again specialise in garden centres, greenhouses and other large glass buildings. When building greenhouses, we base ourselves on standard sizes common to the sector so that we can easily make adjustments and perform maintenance later. It concerns specialised system construction using steel, aluminium and glass.

Bespoke parts from our own production facilities

When we develop and build a garden centre, about 80% of the complex is produced in advance in a made-to-measure manner at our partner Deforche in Belgium. More than 100 professionals work there in the expert production of steel columns and spans, aluminium frames, wall elements and other components. When building your garden centre on site, we use many internally developed tools including special construction site lifts that follow the roof slope for the comfortable and safe installation of roof structures. For example, projects see also the ‘New Build’ page.

Do you want to develop a garden centre? Call Thermoflor!

It should by now be clear that Thermoflor can be your professional partner for the development of your garden centre. We do not just design and build for you, but also provide advice about, for example, the range, layout and market approach. If you want to know more, call our consultant Ben Boon on +31 653 394 152 or email him using He will be happy to provide more insight into our organisation and your options.

Are you thinking about innovation?

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