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Greenhouse builder becomes a garden centre specialist

A garden centre specialist with 100 years of experience; a true family history is behind this. Around 1900, G. Grimbergen Senior became the first greenhouse builder of Westland. He created quite some interest from his smithy and workplace in Poeldijk by making high-quality metal glasshouses for mainly growing grape vines. The glasshouses become larger and larger as the years went by and developed to become greenhouses with several interconnected roofs. Most of these metal and glass structures have disappeared, but some of these Grimbergen's greenhouses are still standing proud as can be seen in this clip.

Grow with the customer to become a garden centre specialist

The Grimbergen family has had a business during five generations that went from father to son throughout the 20th century. As more and more nurseries started to focus on selling plants and, later, also garden accessories and products directly to the public, Grimbergen developed further too. Thermoflor is a product of this market-focused and flexible mindset: a specialist in the development and construction of turnkey garden centres.

Joining forces with Deforche Construct

Around 2018, Thermoflor joined forces with the Belgian company Deforche. It clicked perfectly with this company that has also been in the same family for many generations. The companies became partners and Deforche has taken over most of the production since then. The renowned Deforche brand Forzon represents sustainable and high-quality glass roof structures that fit in perfectly with the internationally famous Thermoflor quality.

The value of a garden centre specialist

Thermoflor and Deforche were renowned on a global scale for their customer-focused expertise in their own right, but now they are, together, the reference with regard to the development of garden centres and the building of greenhouses. Commercial and technical consultancy, design, engineering, production and the actual building and completion of a garden centre that is ready for instant use ... Thermoflor has all disciplines in-house. Customers from Grootebroek to Vancouver can, moreover, count on the business-like approach for which Westland is famous: a deal is a deal for all facets of a project ranging from scope, quality, (environmental) safety, sustainability, costs and time.

Do you need a garden centre specialist? Contact us now!

If you are considering starting a garden centre somewhere on our planet, build on the expertise of the garden centre specialist that serves the entire world with turnkey garden centres from the Netherlands and Belgium. 


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